Our Executive Team:

Our Executive Team
About TradingCradles.com

If you are a new parent in America, you will probably spend more than $10,000 on your baby in the first year alone. By the end of that year your baby will have probably outgrown everything three times. The stroller, the crib, the car seat, the wardrobe and much more will find their way into your closet and start to collect dust.

We built Trading Cradles to help parents sell or give away that great stuff. After all, it is worth thousands of dollars to somebody! Our service has two core pillars that will help parents and kids all over the world.

  • Make it Easy. Selling stuff is fast and hassle free. Write a 250-character (Twitter-like) ad, post 1 image and in 30 seconds your stuff is ready to sell. Buying is easy. No registration, lightning fast browsing and immediate direct contact with the sellers.

  • Make it Free. The site was designed to help parents save money by offering a great service! Parents can put ads on tradingcradles.com for no cost. And, unlike other sites, we don’t charge parents when transactions occur. We simply connect buyers and sellers, in their cities.

No matter how much money you might have, every baby deserves a safe car seat, a comfy crib, and a happy new life! At Trading Cradles, it is our mission to make sure no babies are left behind.

If you are a manufacturer, publisher, blogger or service provider and you would like to partner with us, we’d like to hear from you. We are also happy to meet other people in the baby/parenting business, just send us an email at info@tradingcradles.com and we will get back to you as soon as we can. Thanks!