Help & Faq

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What is is a marketplace for parents to buy and sell as their little ones get bigger and bigger. We built the website to compliment the busy lifestyle of parents and made it one of the easiest and fastest marketplaces online to buy and sell.

Is it free to post ads?

Yes, you can post all the ads you want for free, so long as you’re not in violation of our terms of use and privacy policy.

Do you have to register to use the website?

No, we built to save you time; there are no registrations, no logins and no long forms that you have to complete.

How do I post an ad?

It’s simple to post a free ad on and typically takes no more than 30 seconds. First you need to know what you want to post and have a picture ready on your computer or phone. On the top of all pages on there's a "Post a free ad!" button, click this button then select the category that is best suited for your ad. Once on the ad form you can always change the city or the category to post your ad to. It’s important to select the appropriate category and city because your ad may not get approved if it’s in the wrong place. Complete the short ad form then you can preview your ad, make changes or submit it.

Why are the ads so short?

This is one of the things that makes our website so unique. People ask us this question often and the answer is simple, we want to save you time. With 250 characters you can explain what’s most important and the rest can be communicated between the buyer and seller. When you’re shopping you can quickly browse and find the things you need. We call it “Twitter-like Shopping”.

How do I edit or delete my ad?

Once you submit an ad for approval you will receive an email with a link to edit or delete your ad. Once your ad is approved you will receive another email notifying you your ad is active on the website, this email also has a link to edit or delete your ad. We recommend that if you sell your item or if your ad is no longer relevant to delete the ad so people don’t continue to contact you.

How long does my ad stay active?

For Sale ads stay active until deleted by the seller or Trading Cradles expires the ad.

How do I report an inappropriate ad?

If you encounter an ad that is in the wrong category, an ad that has a recalled or potentially unsafe product, or an ad that is spam, please report the ad to Trading Cradles. To report an ad click the report ad symbol (looks like a circle with a line through it) on the bottom right of every ad. When you report an ad please provide a detailed reason about why you’re reporting the ad.

Is my email kept private?

Yes, your email is kept private we don’t publish it anywhere on the website. Buyers will use our secure message system which forwards directly to a sellers email.

How do I buy something?

Select the location that’s closest to you, and then select a category to browse the ads available or do a search from the top of the website. Once you find something you are interested in purchasing click the “contact seller” link and send your message to the seller using our secure message system. Once the seller responds you can make arrangements to complete the transaction. You can also print the ad pages to keep track of the ads, share an ad on Facebook with your friends, email the ad to someone you think might be interested or tweet the ad to your Twitter page. Please see our security page for helpful tips when buying.

How do I sell something?

Select the location and category to post your ad to and complete the short ad form. Once your ad is active on the website potential buyers will contact you via the security generated email which forwards to your email. Once you find the right buyer you can make arrangements to complete the transaction. We recommend you sell things locally and accept cash only. Please see our security page for helpful tips when selling.

What can’t be posted on

See our terms of use for the legal answer to this question. Avoid posting spam, content that is inappropriate, offensive, obscene and anything else that could be viewed as inappropriate. You can’t post products for sale that have been recalled, so make sure to check the US Consumer Product Safety Commission's Recalled Products Search.

Product Recalls

Our goal is to make a secure and safe website for parents. Because Trading Cradles is not able to physically inspect products before sale, vetting products for safety is the sole responsibility of the seller and buyer. Because we care about the safety of everyone's children, we ask both buyers and sellers to carefully vet products against the product recall list prior to completing any transaction. Here is a link to the consumer product recall list.

Do you have a blog?

Yes, you can find our blog located at If you are interested in providing blog content or running a promotion please send an email to

Do you have a Twitter and Facebook page?

Yes, our Facebook page is and our Twitter page is We have thousands of social friends so fan us or follow us to stay updated on

How can I contact Trading Cradles?

Our contact information can be found by clicking here. You can also send an email to

What is the Deal Alert?

The Deal Alert is a feature we created to allow parents to be the first to find out about new deals in your area. For example, if you're interested in strollers and cribs in Los Angeles, you can set up a Deal Alert to notifiy you when new ads are posted in either category on By creating a Deal Alert, you get the advantage of being among the first to know about a new, gently used deal. Once you set up your Deal Alert, we will email you any time an ad matches your alert criteria. You can change or cancel you deal alert anytime by clicking here.

What does the Snooze button do?

Many parents visit and want to sell things, but don't have the time to post right at that moment. The Snooze feature allows you to set up a future note to yourself, helping you to remember, for example, to sell that stroller in 6 months. We'll email your note to you on the day of your choice. Also remember you can set up as many snoozes as you like, so if you think of something else, go ahead and set up another Snooze.

Ad form guide:

The “Ad Title” is your headline for the ad and is best used to identify exactly what your ad is. If you’re selling something make the ad title the name of the item you’re selling.

The “Specific Location” is the location for your ad, for example if posting to Los Angeles and your in Hollywood you would put Hollywood for the specific location.

The “Ad Details” is the actual description of your ad you only have 250 characters so abbreviate and be creative.

The “Price” is only needed if you’re selling something; you can set it to $0.00 if you want to giveaway your item for free. You can also leave it blank if the ad isn’t a product for sale.

Your “Email” is used for potential buyers or the community to contact you and we don’t share your email with anyone. All ads have a security generated email that forwards messages to your email address. Without a valid email address you won’t be able to post ads on the website.

The “Picture” is used to help others see what you’re selling or what your ad is about, we have learned that ads with pictures are ten times more effective.